Human Resource Management

GCG offers a comprehensive package of human resource services and training solutions to help your organisation to develop proactive approaches for attracting, motivating and retaining bright, dedicated employees. Your organisation needs to operate with proper HR systems and the right employees. The main challenges here normally are obtaining and retain the right people working with proper systems. Some of our Human Resource solutions include the following; facilitating all your recruitment activities, Strategic staff reviews, Analysis of departmental competencies and capabilities, Comparative pay and benefits studies, Job evaluation, Developing your HR policies and procedures manuals and, Staff contract and Payroll administration among others

Financial Management and Control

One of the major business challenges is operating with an effective financial management system that can enable your entity effectively plan, track and control your resources. GCG Rwanda has comprehensive solutions to financial management challenges. Some of our solutions available for your organisation include; Designing and implementing integrated software to manage organisations’ financial systems, and the development of policies and methodologies to improve the efficiency of your; Accounting and financial management procedures, Internal financial controls, Human Resources, IT operations and, Procurement processes among others

Strategic Planning

A strategic plan is a key tool that your organisation requires to effectively utilise the available scarce resources to achieve its long-term objectives. At GCG, we facilitate your organisation in defining a clear and informed strategic direction for your organisation that will be shared by those charged with implementing it. We tailor our approach to your organisation’s specific circumstances and recommend appropriate tools of implementing your strategies. Some of our other consulting services include; Development of Business plans, Governance, compliance and risk, Organizational re-engineering & change, Investigations and forensics, Due diligence, Valuation of entities and shares